Friday, January 30, 2009

Emma's New Favorite Saying...or Noise

Emma is still VERY stubborn and isn't saying much except "daddy", but just recently she has started saying "tuka, tuka, tuka, tuka" over and over again! It's really funny. (She pronounces it took-ah) She talks like she's trying to make out actual words, but who knows when she'll get it right with how stubborn she is! Just like her father! ;o)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Along with Michaels favorite song... his new favorite saying. Church had just ended, I picked him & Aaron up from Nursery and we headed to the couch (the meeting spot to exchange kids) and when Jarom came over, Michael said "Sup, dude?!" It was soooo funny! The way he says it is hilarious! I thought that maybe he would stop saying it, since I laughed at him, but he still says it. Even tonight, I said "Sup?" and he said "sup, dude?" He's such a goofball!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of Michaels Favorite Songs

So, I couldn't figure out how to post this song from You Tube, so I just linked it. Michael loves to sing & dance to this song. I think it's fun, too!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ron and I were both off last Thursday, but he went golfing with his grandpa. When he got back, we got the kids up around 4 and were just hanging out thinking about what to do after dinner (I acutally had a plan for dinner, too!) We came to the conclusion that we would go bowling, so after I had gotten up to get things going, Ron said "Let's go to the Splash Cafe'!" So, we called to see what time they closed (8:30) one thing led to another, and we were packed up and ready to go by 5:00! First stop, Splash Cafe' for a clam chowder bread bowl! YUM! Then it was down to the pier! Emma loved it! She didn't want anyone to hold her or her hand. She just wanted to go! She also thought it was cool to stick her fingers in the cracks of the boards and holes. Michael thought it was cool to throw pennies in the ocean and he kept asking where the whales were (since we saw a whale in the ocean in Maui). After the walk on the pier, we headed down to the beach. Michael seemed a little scared at first (it was dark and, again, he was concerned about the whale) but, after we got him out there, we found some rocks/shells for him to throw in the water and he thought it was cool and didn't want to leave!

Splash Cafe'

The Pier

The Beach

Finding more rocks
I drew this in the sand...(it's an "M" and an "E" for Michael and Emma, not "me")

Ron & I watched the boys Friday night so Ryan & Amanda could go on a date and this is how they slept (well, until after 2 warnings to stay in bed and Aaron was moved to another room & Michael had to go to his bed, but didn't stay there!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playhouse Disney Live...and other stuff!

My parents bought the grandkids tickets to Playhouse Disney Live last Friday, so Ron and I bought tickets for ourselves to go, too. We had a good time. It was fun to watch Michael dancing and jumping around on the stairs! Even Emma was dancing around! Here are some pictures of the event.

We LOVE peanut butter!

I watched Alison's kids on Saturday so they could have dinner & ice cream by themselves. Emma loved playing with Elena! (The boys had fun playing together, too, but I didn't get a picture of them!)

Emma's new obsession: Lifting the lid on the stool and climbing inside.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pregnant?! Grandma?!

Okay, so the other day I was at work & these 2 guys came in. After wasting our time helping them because the one guy couldn't decide whether he wanted to buy his wife jewelry for their 25th wedding anniversary or take her to Ireland, the other guy asked me if I was pregnant! I guess the top I was wearing could've passed for a maternity top, but still! If you DON'T know DON'T ask! I told him no, and then he asked me if I just had a baby. I told him, "yeah, like a year ago!" He appologized later, but still!
When we went to Hawaii, Ron's mom stayed at our house and watched the kids for us. So, for several days, he had gotten used to saying "grandma." So, for the last few days, he's been saying "grandma.......mommy?" It's been pretty funny 'cause you can just tell that he's not thinking about it until after he says it and he tries to correct himself!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hawaii Re-Cap

Day 1: We arrived in Maui around 12:30 pm and it was off to the Hyatt Resort & Spa. After checking in & registering for the tournament, it was off to check out our room. We then changed into our swimsuits and go swimming! We got cleaned up and headed to Whalers Village to Leilanis for dinner. It was a little pricey, but it was SOOO good! After walking around the shops for a little bit, it was back to our room.
Day 2: Ron had a practice round and the "guests" of the players went on a shopping excursion in Lahaina. I bought a bunch of stuff to bring home for souveniers. When I got back, Ron was home, so we headed to the pool again (there was a cool waterslide!). We got cleaned up and went to the Welcome Reception Dinner where I met Ron's partner & his wife. They had several tables with different types of food set up and most everything was REALLY GOOD!
Day 3: Ron had his first round, so I just hung out at the hotel. I wanted to go snorkeling at some point and saw that they had a free snorkel lesson at the pool, so I went. After that, I swam around for awhile, then walked up and down the beach to check things out. When I got back, I was pretty tired so I just laid in bed watching TV and snoozed a little. When Ron got back, he racapped the first round and he shot 1 over, but his partner didn't play so well. He had said that it was the worst round he'd ever played. We went swimming (again) and it was time to get cleaned up for the Luau! The Luau was AWESOME! The band they had is the most requested band in all Hawaii, and they were good! The dancers were really good too! I got video, but I need to firgure out how to download it and I might put it up, but don't hold your breath!
Day 4: Ron had his 2nd round and I went with his partners wife & a couple other ladies snorkeling! It was so cool! I bought an underwater camera, but used up all the pics before we found the sea turtle! I was disappointed, but what can you do? After that, I had set up for a "spa day" where I got a massage, manicure, pedicure & had them do my hair. It was so fun! I even saw a whale splashing around while I was getting my manicure! How awesome is that?! I went back to my room where Ron was waiting and we got ready to head down to Lahina for our Dinner cruise with Tim & Candice (Ron's partner). The boat wasn't anything spectacular, but the food was REALLY good! Ron spotted a whale, so the captain turned the boat around so we could get a better look. After awhile, ANOTHER whale came to meet up with the one we were watching!
Day 5: Ron didn't make it to the top 20, so he was done for the rest of the week, so after breakfast we decided to go to the Plantation course to watch the PGA tournament for awhile. The course is VERY hilly (is that even a word?) and is sooo steep! There are spots that you have to get transportation because you can't walk it! I had had enough walking and just sat at the 18th green while Ron went to find someone to follow. I ended up getting sunburned that day, but it's not that bad (except for the spot where my necklace was!). That night was the Awards ceremony where they had Josh Heffren (sp?) who was the winner of season 2 of The Last Comic Standing. He was pretty funny, but I wouldn't pay money to see him again! By that night, Ron's feet were hurting him so bad he could barely stand up! Little did I know it would get worse!
Day 6: I was awoken at 4:30 am by Ron screaming and thrashing his legs around. Turns out, he hadn't been able to get to sleep because his heels were hurting sooo bad! I gave him some Tylenol and he was able to get some rest. I had called the front desk also because there was a doctor's office at the end of our hallway, but they weren't open until 8 am. So, at 8 am, we headed down to get his feet checked out. The doctor said that his tendants were really swollen and perscribed some Vicodin and suggested that he keep his feet elevated and iced. We were leaving that day, so he kept them iced until noon, when we had to check out. The bus wasn't supposed to take us to the airport until 7:15 pm, so we hung out at the hotel and slowly made our way down to Longs to pick up his perscription. Our plane left at 10:22 pm (12:22 am PST) and after 1 layover in San Fran, we were home just after 9 am PST and greeted by our kids!

All in all, this was an amazing trip and we are so grateful to Mercedes Benz for this opportunity! They really know how to throw a good time!

Hawaii Pics

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Are Back!!

Ron & I got back this morning at about 9 am. We had a BLAST!! It was so awesome! It was a bitter sweet moment to leave. On one hand, we didn't have any cares, didn't have to worry about the room being clean 'cause someone would clean it for you, breakfast awaited us every morning, several dinners were planned out, etc etc etc, however, I truly missed my kids! I kinda wish we could've just come home to pick them up and then gone back! Maybe one day... Anyway, I'm pretty beat since we left last night at 10:30 pm Hawaii time (12:30 PST) and we got in this morning at 9 am, so I'm going to bed! Pictures & details to follow!

PS Yes, I took that picture. It was one of the hammocks you could hang out on at our resort!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ron & I are leaving for Hawaii today at 6:22 am!! We'll see ya'll when we get home! ALOHA!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Here's a little taste of our AWESOME New Years Eve party! I worked until about 1 pm and went to my parents to get the kids. After their naps, I took them to Albertsons to pick up some traditional finger foods & Martinelli's (which was a zoo!) then it was home to start heating up the goodies! I gave the kids baths and dressed them in their PJ's. We laid out a big blanket & watched "Horton Hears a Who" while we ate. After awhile, Emma was getting really tired (plus she didn't feel good) so I put her to bed & popped pop corn. After the movie was over, I got out the pots and pans & let Michael go to town! He really enjoyed it. I called Ron's voicemail so that we could leave him a "Happy New Year" message w/pots & pans noises. Ron then called and said that he got an overtime, so he wouldn't be home. So, I put Michael to bed and went to bed myself at about 10:30. I'm not even 30 yet and I'm already going to bed before midnight on New Years! (it probably didn't help that I'm sick, too, and I took some Nyquil!) Oh well! I hope everone had a great holiday season and I look forward to what this new year has to bring! Love to all!