Sunday, June 19, 2011

May Happenings!

Brock was on the verge of smiling for a little while, but would never do it when I got the camera. This was the closest I got! Of course he's a smiley baby now, but most of my pictures are on my phone that I haven't sync'd to my computer yet!

Jordan had his 8th birthday this year! It's a big one for him because he was baptized the beginning of June! We are SO proud of him and his decision to be baptized. He has been preparing for this day for quite some time now! For his party he invited a ton of kids to have a "Food Fight" themed party! They made sculptures out of colored mashed potatoes and animal crackers, ate spaghetti without hands, ate donuts off string, and in the end had a massive food fight with all the leftover food! They even got sodas involved! My kids are not into being messy with food, so they didn't participate until they threw water balloons and Michael joined in! I've been trying to get Michael to stop wetting the bed at night and we've cut off drinks before bed to help out, and the night before he wanted a drink. I told him he wasn't allowed to have any, but he insisted. I told him that if I let him have a drink and he had an accident, he would have to participate in ALL the games at Jordans party! He agreed, and had an accident that night! Just as I was about to say "nee-ner nee-ner", we were loading up in the car, I wasn't paying attention, and he got his fingers slammed in the car door! So, I figured I wouldn't force him to participate!

The night of Jordans party, we headed over to a friends house who, every year, throws a huge summer kick-off party at his beautiful home! He usually does some elaborate theme. This year was a safari theme ad he had a giraffe & zebra in his front yard!!

There was a baboon (who will be in the movie "Zoo Keeper" when it comes out)

A Porcupine

A Sloth

A Baby Leopard (this thing was ADORABLE!!)

A Toucan

And this other bird (I can't remember what it was)

There were a few more animals and the trainers talked about them and a few of them did tricks! They had good food, and a couple snow cone machines that you could get whatever you wanted all night. They also had a local high school choir come out and sing a few songs about Africa. We had a BLAST and hope to go back again next year! :o)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brock's Blessing Day

Brock was blessed on Sunday, May 1st. Prior to the blessing, Ron had asked me my thoughts on whether he should have his Grandpa Smith bless him. I thought it was a little weird at first, and then he explained that he had been thinking about it for awhile and wanted to do it because his grandpa wasn't able to bless his children and he thought it would be a nice gesture since he and his grandpa are really close. I just explained to him to really think about it, because I didn't want him to regret not blessing all of his children one day. He gave it lots of thought and talked to his grandpa and felt that he wanted his grandpa to do it. When it came time, the counselor announced that Brock would be blessed by his dad (because I forgot to tell them otherwise). I'm sure a lot of people were suprised by the switch, but both Ron and his grandpa bore really nice testimonies and explained a little as to why he did it, so it all worked out. I talked to the bishop later and asked if that was ok to even do (since it all happened so fast I wasn't thinking) and he said it was fine, he just felt bad that they didn't announce the right name. Whoops! The circle included Great Grandpa Smith, Grandpa Pitts, Daddy, Uncle Ry Ry, and Cousin David. Grandpa Killmer wasn't able to make it from Washington, but Grandma Killmer and Aunt Mary came down for a visit to be here for it. I did take pictures, however, I forgot my little camera that I keep with me all the time and didn't check my good camera's batteries and they were both dead, so the pictures I got are on my phone and I haven't sync'd (sp?) up my phone to the computer yet. The outfit Brock wore was made by my Uncle Kevin's wife, Lucy. She is super talented and made all 3 kids' blessing outfits. I was just going to use Michaels, but she offered to make this one and it turned out really cute! The blaket was made by Ron's mom when we blessed Michael and I reused it for all the kids.