Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, I Almost Forgot...

Michael had his 3 year appt today and his stats are 36 lbs & 40 in tall! She says he's tall and chunky, but I don't think he's very chunky!
Also, I forgot to blog that Emma went potty in the toilet for the first time last Sunday! I'm not pushing training her right now, but if she asks to go, I will let her sit on the toilet. She asked again today as we were out and about, so I took her and had high hopes since she was dry. She even told me "Mommy, my pee pee's coming!" It was so cute, but nothing. Oh well, at least she's learning!

Michaels 3rd Birthday Party!!

We had Michael's birthday party on Friday and had a GREAT time! It was an Imagination Mover theme and the kids had a blast! We had lots of people, good food, and even played freeze dance. My dad made the cute guitars that the kids danced with. Michael got lots of gifts, mostly Buzz Lightyear stuff (since he's obsessed right now!). I only got a few pictures because my battery died, but I got some good video of the kids dancing! But, I still haven't tried to download videos on here, so you probably will never see it unless you come over! In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

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Family Night at the Fair!

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Just Her Size?

I told Emma that she needed to get some clothes on and she got into Ron's drawers and pulled out a pair of his jeans and put them on!


Emma got her 'bankie' (blanket) dirty, so it went in for a last minute wash just before bedtime. She wouldn't go down without it, so I let her stay up until it was done!

So happy!

Mean Mommy!

Michael had made a mess in his room the other day and pretty much refused to help me clean it up, so....I took all his toys away! His room is normally full of toys lining up the walls! There are even shelves with toys in the closet. I figured that since he wasn't going to help me clean up, then he wouldn't have any toys to make a mess! I figure we'll try this out for a little while and little by little, we'll add toys. However, I want to go through some and get rid of them since he has SO many he doesn't play with!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Leaving the hospital:

One Year Old

Two Year Old

Three Year Old

Today is my baby boys 3rd birthday! It's still crazy to think that I have a 3 year old! So much has happened in the last three years! We are so blessed to have this little boy in our lives! He makes things so much more fun! I can't imagine having a better child! He LOVES sports, preschool, Buzz Lightyear, and his family! He turns EVERYTHING into a golf club. He likes to play with Emma, until she starts taking his toys. They have a good time running around the house together and jumping off the couch onto the cushions! I usually postpone bedtime because they are having too much fun together! I love this little guy and am thankful to my Heavenly Father for letting me be his mom! I love you, son!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness!!!

The kids new obsession is watching the movie "Annie". This morning I was vaccuming while the kids were playing in Emma's room. When I went to go check on them, I found this:

I asked them what they were doing and Michael said "Oh my goodness!" while piling more animals on Emma. It then hit me that they were re-enacting the scene from "Annie" where she jumps into the laundry service cart and they put all the sheets, etc, on her! Too cute!!!

Look What Michael Did.....

....all by himself!!!

He learned how to draw an 'M' at preschool last week by following dots, so when we were practicing, I had started to draw some dots, but he took the magnadoodle away from me and drew it on his own! He's getting pretty good at his m's, now it's time for the next letter!


I bought an onion from the grocery store the other day and this is what it looked like! Weird, huh?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Shmeesh!!! (Smith)

Yesterday was Grandma Shmeesh's birthday! They had just gotten back into town from spending the summer in Idaho. We all went over to celebrate with pizza and cake! Mmmmm! The kids ended up in the pool, soaking wet! But having a lot of fun! They were freezing by the time they got out! It was good spending time with them. The kids missed them while they were gone! The kids love to spend time with grandma and grandpa. The kids love to play with grandma and she's always willing to play with them. It got to the point where we couldn't let grandma and Michael get together because she was constantly making him laugh by making funny noises at him and he would be so loud wherever we were! I'm glad that we are so close to them and we hope to spend more time with them now that they are home! Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Preschool!!!

Michael had his first day of preschool today. Ron and I took him this morning, but I had to work, so I didn't go with Ron to pick him up. When I got home, I asked him how preschool was and he said that he liked it, and that they went outside and practiced bowling (huh?) and that they learned their "numbers". When I asked him which numbers, he started saying "A, B, C..." I then explained that those were LETTERS not NUMBERS. We've been pretty excited about him starting school and had bought him a few things like a lunch box, notebook, pencils, crayons, scissors & a folder (he already had a backpack). We even bought him a new outfit (he needed new jeans anyway!).
Here he is all ready for school:
Walking up to the house:

I told him to turn around and smile at the camera...notice the bubbles?

This is his "classroom":

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, I Almost Forgot.... anniversary present!

This is the first watch I've had in a LONG time! I got used to not wearing one, but had been eyeing this one at work and thought I'd start wearing one again! I tried on a bunch of them, but I liked this one the best (and the diamonds were an added bonus!) Thanks goodness I work at a jewelry store, huh? ;o)

I Love This Guy!

This is what we were doing 5 years ago today!

Singing "Baby Got Back"

Time to go home!

The happy couple!

Five years ago today, I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend! So much has happened over the years. Some good, some bad, but that's what makes life enjoyable! I've been so blessed to have Ron in my life. He makes life interesting, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He's a great husband, and an AMAZING father! My kids adore him! He works so hard to support our family, and for that I appreciate him even more. He's not perfect, and we all know I'm not either. Thankfully, we don't have to be! I look forward to the many more years we will have together! I love you honey!