Friday, May 30, 2008

6 Months Old!!!

I can't believe it! My baby is 6 months old already! I would say she's "growing like a weed", but that would be untrue! Ron took her to the doctor for her 6 month checkup and they informed him that she is a little underweight. At her 4 month checkup she was 12lbs 4 1/2oz 25in, and at her 6 month she was 12lbs 4oz 26in! So, we are now in the process of feeding her more rice cereal, veggies/fruits, etc. Anything that has more calories, basically. We take her back in in a couple of weeks to make sure she's gaining weight. Anyway, this picture was taken by my Aunt Teresa on Memorial Day. I thought it was soooo cute!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lots to Post!

So I decided to finally hook my laptop back up the the printer so that I could download my pictures to put on the blog (my printer is a photo printer that takes the card from my camera). Here's a couple pics of the kids. The first one is of Emma & Princess (Ryan's cat). Princess is so laid back and lets Emma do whatever she wants to her. She loves to pet her (or rather, grab her) and this picture shows the two of them laying on the bed with Emma's leg straddled over her! The other picture is of Michael sitting in Emma's swing. I wasn't paying attention to him until he said "stuck, stuck" and when I looked over, he was sitting in there & had locked himself in! He's such a weirdo!


I came home from work and Michael was eating Cheerio's. He then headed over to Emma and proceeded to place the Cheerio he had in his hand on her head! She seems shocked, doesn't she?!

Pics of the Trip

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hope all of you mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was pretty good. Ron's grandma Jo Killmer passed away last saturday after her liver shut down not too long ago and her funeral was yesterday so Ron left early friday morning to fly out to Wyoming to attend the funeral and is coming home late tonight, so he wasn't here for Mother's day, so that was a bummer! My dad and brother took Jordan & Jarom for a father/son campout friday with Ryan's old ward, so they were gone friday night/saturday, so us girls decided that we would get a hotel at the beach and have fun (with Michael, Aaron & Emma). So I booked a room at the Hyatt in Thousand Oaks (I DEFINATLY recommend this hotel!) and the plan was to spend the day in Ventura. Unfortunatly, thursday night/friday morning Aaron started getting sick and throwing up! So, Amanda decided she would stay home with him, so it ended up being me, my mom, Michael & Emma on the trip. We had lots of fun! It was nice to get away and to have such a great trip! I guess we wore out the kids, though, because Michael didn't get up until after 9 am & I finally woke Emma up around 9:30 am so I could get her ready for church! Church was nice. My dad spoke and gave an amazing tribute to mothers and I cried! I had hoped for my first homemade mothers day gift from Michael in Nursery, but no such luck. Our ward didn't have the kids do anything, so I was a little disapointed since Ron was out of town and I didn't get any mothers day gifts (except for the rose they passed out after Sacrament.) Oh well, maybe next year! We then went to my parents for dinner and had some ribs! Yum! After dinner we all sat around talking and playing with the kids, watched the Survivor finale', came home, put the kids to bed, and now I'm just killing time waiting for Ron to get home (which wont be until like 2 or 3, since his plane was due in at 11:40). Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and hope that all you mothers' families make every day mother's day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

She Works Hard for the Money!

Well, after a few months of looking for a part-time job, I finally got one! I'll be working at the jewlery store that Ron's family friends own. I work M-F from 1-5:30 pm, so it will work out perfect for Ron's schedule. I'm pretty excited. I started today and it went well. It wasn't too busy, but there was a lot to learn, and there's still a lot more to know. I haven't helped anyone yet, but I did observe a couple of sales today. I have to help with the take down of the display's. We have 8 cases and it's a lot more work than I expected. So, if anyone needs any jewelry, just see me! They have some great stuff for some pretty good prices!