Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So Many Posts!

I just figured out how to publish posts from my phone, so I was able to upload my pics! Sorry for the post overload, but it's so nice to be caught up!!

Emma's First Dance Recital!

Emma just had her first recital at the Harvey Auditorium. She did ballet to the Wee Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Suite Ballet. She did so good and looked beautiful!! It was fun being on the other end of things! She got flowers from my parents and her daddy! Afterwards, we went to Rosemarys for ice cream!

Floyd Slape Jr

I was telling Ron that we needed to try to get over and see his grandfather who had been sick. Shortly after I mentioned it, we found out he had passed away. We are very sad to see him go, but are so happy that he isn't suffering anymore. He will truly be missed. This is the next best generation picture with his grandma that I got since his grandpa passed

Kinder Graduate!!

Michael graduated from kindergarten!! We are so proud of all the hard work he put in this year!! Good job, Michael!!

Teacher Gift

Michael and I made these flower pencils for his teacher. I got the idea from an email from Disney Family.

This Deserves it's Own Post

While at Universal Studios, we rode the Jurassic Park ride. Michael was dodging things here and there, but I never expected the expression he had in the picture! It was $25.00 for 3 5x7's and it was worth EVERY PENNY!!

Universal Surprise!!

I surprised the 2 older kids with a trip to Universal Studios the week before school got out. I got them up and ready like they were going to school and just kept driving! It was SO fun! We had a GREAT day! No fighting and minimal crying! (Mainly because the kids were scared of some of the rides!) I love my kids!!

Mother/Daughter Ice Cream Social

Our ward relief society planned a mother/daughter ice cream social! It was fun spending time with my little girl! They also took pictures. I thought they turned out cute! One is me and Emma, the other is my mom, Emma and I, and the last is my mom with all of her granddaughters!

Date night!

I took 2 of my favorite guys on a date night to Olive Garden! It was fun, but difficult when a potty break was needed...

Let's Relay!!

We went to the annual Relay for Life here in town and had a great time, like always!! It's always so amazing to see that sea of purple and know that my mom is a part of that and that we are blessed to have her with us! Love you, mom!


Michaels kinder class went to CALM so I volunteered to go help. We had lots of fun! I always enjoy spending one on one time with my kids!!

Perfect Attendance

Michael had an awards assembly in which he got perfect attendance. This is the 2nd time for perfect attendance for the year. Good job Michael!

Easter Sunday Handout

Michael got this paper to color at church. We put our cat, Tigger, down almost 2 years ago and he still talks about her. I thought it was sweet that he drew a picture of her that he will live with her again!

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was pretty casual like usual. Saturday we went to my brothers house for an Easter Egg hunt. We came home and dyed eggs for the bunny to hide. Sunday morning, we had the kids get up and we got them ready for church before searching for eggs and baskets. Luckily Ron was off work so I didn't have to drag kids to several houses by myself! After church we went to my parents house for lunch and then to Ron's aunts house for dinner. It was a nice day so we ate outside. Michael decided he wanted to clean out the pool with the net and ended up falling in, clothes and all! He did great and swam to the side without panicking (which is more than what I can say for the rest of us!)