Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a Difference!

This is Emma in her Jumparoo at about 4-6 months old...
This is Emma in the same Jumparoo just the other day!


I was pitching the ball to Michael the other night and he hit the ball pretty hard. The result...

He hit the ball into the cushions and thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Date Night!

I suprised Ron with tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert a couple of weeks ago. It was lots of fun! I just wish I had known about the concert earlier than I did because all the tickets were the same price and they had sold out of the better seats, so we were up in the rafters. It wasn't too bad, though! I don't go to many concerts, so when I do, I am always suprised at how much people drink! It was insane! People were up and down ALL night long to either get a beer (or two) or go to the bathroom (from all the beer!). It was a good concert, none the less! He had about 4-5 opening acts, but did it where they would a couple of songs, and then Zac Brown would come out and play a couple of songs with them. We were really excited when ZBB sang "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"! It's one of Ron's favorite songs! Before the concert we had a really nice dinner at Uricchio's. It was so good!

No Naps?!

Lately, my kids haven't been taking any naps, and if they do they don't go to sleep until LATE. So it's just better if they don't sometimes. Although, if they don't take one, that can cause some MAJOR tantrums as the night goes on! The other day I needed to go to Target. They were brat the WHOLE time, Emma messed up a pair of sunglasses I wanted to buy, Michael was crying and whining, then on the way home, he opened the car door while we were at the stop light with no where easy to pull ovver so I could fix it! They ended up falling asleep in the car just before 7 pm. When I got home, I took Emma in the house first, then Michael. When I put him in the house, he started to whine again and thrust himself on the floor. I ignored him and went to get the stuff from the car and when I came back, this is what I found:

After I saw him, I went to find Emma and had gotten nervous because I thought she was playing with/in something she wasn't supposed to. However, this is how I found her:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sports, Sports, Sports!!!

This kid lives, breathes & eats SPORTS! Anything you can imagine! He loves golf, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, etc, etc, etc! He turns any object into either a golf club, or a hockey stick. He LOVES to watch the Lakers with daddy and even runs to change into his basketball clothes (wristbands & sweat bands included!). He will even change his clothes into dirty clothes from the hamper just so he can wear them! (Don't worry, I don't allow him to stay in them!) He has started getting into baseball since daddy plays in the softball league. He brings me his ball so I can pitch it to him on a daily basis. We decided to rent out the batting cages one night for an hour and let him hit a few. All Ron did was put him in the batters box and he would hit them REALLY far! He didn't hit every one, but he did so good!

Emma even got a turn...
Michael went into our room and got Ron's basketball shoes so he could play ball. You can't see them in the picture, but he also went in to Ron's drawer and got some socks to wear! So funny!

There's one in...

...and another....

...and another!

I will be curious to see which sports he will take to, if not all of them! I have a feeling that soon my schedule will be filled up with games upon games upon games to attend!
And here's a random picture I took of Tigger. Doesn't she look happy?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jarom's 5th Birthday

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Jarom had his 5th birthday on the 6th and they had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party for him. It was a lot of fun and he got lots of great stuff! Happy Birthday Jarom!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ideas Needed!

So, I'd like to continue to potty train Emma, because she's still going potty in the toilet (sometimes). Most of the time she doesn't, but she still gets excited when she does. My method is to try to find what time interval they're going. With Michael, it was every hour, and if he didn't go, I'd take him a 1/2 hour later. I started her every 30, but she usually doesn't go, and then she has an accident, or I take her and she goes, and 15 minutes later, she goes again, because she didn't fully "relieve" herself. I gave up after awhile and just ask her every now and then if she'd like to go, but it's usually no. She asked today if she could wear her big girl panties today and so far no accidents, but I don't know how long it's been since she went last, so I keep taking her and nothing. Now it's getting to where she's getting more and more upset and is crying every time she sits on the toilet and wont stay there. I don't want to force her because I don't want her to NEVER learn because she's scared of the toilet! With Michael, I could make it fun by "racing" him to the toilet or racing him to see who could pee the fastest. That doesn't work with Emma. She's so stubborn and I don't know what works for her. I sometimes can get her to do things by using reverse psychology, but I don't want her to get the wrong idea. So, if any of you have some suggestions, that would be GREAT!

Silly Girl!

Emma almost NEVER goes to bed when I put her in there. There's usually some time after I put her in there that she turns her light on and either gets her toys or books or both out and plays for some time. Most of the time, it's a couple of hours, but sometimes it's about 30 minutes. This is what I found a couple weeks ago.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Happenings

Here's an update of what we've been up to this last February...
I put Noel in the laundry room to keep her out of what I was doing and when I went to check on her, I couldn't find her, but I heard her. She had gotten herself behind the washer/dryer.

Emma got into my make-up and decided to put on my eyeliner! So pretty!

This is what my kids do EVERY night after prayers. They say "On your mark, get set, GO!" and then run to the bathroom to brush teeth.

So, I got a bright idea to start potty training Emma. She was doing really well, but then she started to cry when I put her on the potty, so I gave up! Yes, I quit (sorta)! I ask her every now and then if she would like to go and if she says yes, I take her and if she says no, I don't. I don't know if it will be better for her in the long run, but I just didn't think it was doing any good for her to sit there and cry.

Valentines Day breakfast. I made "elephant ears" in the shape of hearts. I gave Emma some pom-poms and Michael a cork gun (which Emma broke like the next day!) Look at the excitement on their faces! :o)


For dinner, we went to my parents house where the boys bbq'd bacon wrapped hamburgers! The deal was, the boys cooked and the girls cleaned (since Ron was at work, I just had to buy the jello salad stuff and my dad made it). But, when dinner was all done, the boys started cleaning! We did help a little, but it was really nice to not have to do it all! On a side note, Ron and I celebrated Valentines the Friday before with Ryan, Amanda & Abby at PF Changs and then dessert at Moo Creamery! I got Ron a little charm for his dog tags (I know, lame!) that said "I 'heart' U Back". Ron wrote me a really nice card that he decorated himself. He drew hearts all over the front of it and did a really good job, too! I LOVED it! :o)
The set up for our traditional candlelight dinner.

This is Emma's "One, Two, Three, SQUEEZE!" face.

Our ward had their Pinewood Derby/Blue & Gold Dinner this month, so Ron made Michael a car. We took it to our neighbors house who has a bunch of tools and he ended up cutting it all out, but Ron painted it. He had hoped to just use our neighbors tools with Michael and build it together, but it didn't work that way! Oh well, next year!

Michael SO excited that his car won a couple of heats!

He got 2nd in the first heat, then 1st in the 2nd & 3rd heat, and then he flew off the track on the 4th heat and ended up not making it to the finals. BUT his car won for "Most Creative!"

He just HAD to make the "Lightning McQweem" car!

Ron and I were "doing the rounds" and this is how we found Emma!

This is what Noel does when I'm doing my hair! Crazy cat! On a side, more gross/graphic note, she has also gone to Ron's sink (she's in mine in this picture) and has peed in it twice--that I know of! I don't know if I should get mad at her, but at the same time it's funny and amazing! It reminds me of Meet the Parents where the cat goes potty in the toilet!