Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Relay for Life!

Saturday, April 30th was Relay for Life! I look forward to going every year. It's my chance to celebrate the fact that I still have my mom here with me! I know not everyone is able to say that, but I'm SO grateful that I can! This event is HUGE!! It is THE largest in the nation! This year they raised over $2 million to contribute to finding a cure for cancer!! They have booths upon booths set up by various groups/businesses with raffles, food, crafts, etc! It's such a great event and I recommend going! Plus it's for a good cause! Ron had planned to come with me since I had to leave pretty early in the morning and didn't want to fight 3 kids, but he woke up in the middle of the night sick, so I was able to get myself AND the kids ready all by myself and get out of the house by 7:30am!! I was impressed! The event had been held at CSUB in the past, but they changed it this year to this place off of Old River & south of Taft hwy!! It was a long ways, but a lot larger than the school. There just wasn't as much shade! Luckily, it was a pretty cool weekend, so were weren't burning up!

They always have a "Survivor" lap to kick off the relay first after some stories and introductions. The young children diagnosed with cancer pile on an old firetruck and go first, then the rest of the group goes. If you can't walk well, they have people driving golf carts so you can participate.

LOVE that sea of purple! All the survivors!!

Our surviors! My mom and my Aunt Teresa!!

I thought this was funny!

They also have a kid area where you buy a bracelet and they have a bunch of bouce houses, slides & obsticle courses. Emma had had a long couple of days and was pretty tired, so she was crying over EVERYTHING! We didn't stay in the area too long, mainly because they had to use the restroom and they were too tired to stay much longer. They both fell asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot and I had to wake them up to go to Costco to get stuff for Brocks blessing, which was the next day! Michael is usually pretty good, but Emma was REALLY upset and cried throughout Costco! LOUD! I finally was able to calm her down so I didn't get as many people staring!


Fishies & Baseball!

Ron's mom and sister came in to town for Brocks blessing and while they were here, we went to the Long Beach aquarium and then to a Dodger game! We had a lot of fun! Before we left to go down, Ron had a chiropractor appointment and needed me to run an errand for him, so while he was there, I ran over to Target and picked up Dodger shirts for everyone. Michael was so excited and changed his shirt right away! Here is Michael's new face when taking pictures!

This was a sign above one of the shops at the aquarium where a pigeon set up camp!

They have a bird exhibit you walk into and you can buy nectar to feed the birds. We decided not to get any because we figured the kids would get scared, but this little guy decided to hang out on Mary's shirt, and then started to bite it! So Ron and his mom tried to get him off and he bit them! He even drew blood!

Someone left an almost full cup of nectar, so we grabbed it to feed the birds. I can't believe she didn't get scared!!

The shark tank! We were there when they fed the sharks, also. I thought it would be cooler than what it was. I think we should've stayed down in the underwater viewing area, because we couldn't really see the sharks where we were. They also had a HUGE ray in this tank! It was like 5 feet wide!!

Here's Brock watching the fish!

The whole family!

Grandma with her grandbabies!

A tank full of Nemo's!!

I checked out Stub Hub for our tickets and got pretty decent seats for only $19 a ticket! They are normally $30 something!

Me & my girl!

And what's a Dodger game without a Dodger Dog?! Ron had one, Emma had one, and Michael had one!

The souvenier we bought...It was $8!!! Ridiculous! (We only bought 1!)

Apparently every Friday home game they have fireworks! You can go on the field and watch them, but I think our seats were better for watching them!

We had parked quite a ways away so we wouldn't have to pay for parking, but when we got back to our car, Ron had a parking violation ticket for not having his front license plate on his car! It's pretty ridiculous since they make vehicles that don't have a place for it, but whatever! It was a $25 ticket, but they said if we send a picture of it on, they'll reduce it to $10. Dumb!

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter this year! I planned a little early and boiled eggs Friday night and we colored them Saturday morning since last year I (the Easter Bunny) did it all by myself because we ran out of time! The kids had fun coloring eggs! The directions were really weird and didn't make sense. I probably wont buy that brand again last year. It worked regardless, but the color wasn't very bright.

The finished product!

That afternoon, we met at my brothers house because the Easter Bunny had hid some eggs over there!

Easter morning, the kids got up and came into our room. I hadn't planned on getting them dressed for church before the hunt, but it just worked out that way. They loved their baskets! Brock got an outfit & socks. Emma got an outfit, Tangled movie, Tangled purse with makeup/nail polish, Alice in Wonderland socks, and some fruit cups goldfish and juice. Michael got a new basketball, basketball net, NBA wristbands, spiderman socks, and the same foods Emma got.