Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Another Day at the Office!

So today was a CRAZY afternoon! I had to be to work at 1:00 pm. Emma had been sick, so my babysitter came to my house to watch her while I took Michael with me to meet up with my mother in law at work so that she could watch him. While we were exchanging car seats, etc, this girl walks by and is crying. So my mother in law asks her if she was okay. Now, all I heard was that her baby was missing, so I immediately went looking for a child. I saw some people that work just down the way from me and I asked them if they had seen a little boy as the mother was looking for him. He told me that he saw him pushing a stroller and went "that way" and pointed to the busy street! I panicked and went running towards the street imagining this young toddler pushing a stroller into the street. I saw no sign of a child, but did see 3 men walking my direction and asked them if they had seen this little boy pushing a stroller. They informed me at that point that they had seen a MAN running with a stroller toward a Shell station. At that point I knew there was more to the story, so I went running back and found out that the FATHER of the child had stolen his baby away from the mom! I then told them what I had found out and at that point we saw a security officer in a car drive by, which we stopped and explained the situation and which way the guy went and told him to contact police. I then went into my work to let them know what was going on. I came out and after a moment of talking with some witnesses that were around we saw a guy walking BACK TOWARDS US pushing a stroller and he was wiping is face with his shirt and hands because he was sweaty! The witness we were talking to said that that was the guy!!! SO my mother in law goes up to him and starts asking questions about if that was his baby, where was he going, and then leads up to "you stole this baby" kinda thing, and told him she wasn't going to let him leave with the baby, so she grabbed the stroller. There was a bit of a struggle and he ended up getting away from her and started down another alley, in which she followed him! She said that he had started to hit himself and told her that he was going to say SHE hit HIM and that he was a minor! At that point, she decided she wasn't going to touch him, but continued follow him (who was running again by this point). Right about that same time, we saw a detective going into the sandwich place, so I went in after him to see if he could go help her (as I'm thinking she's going to get seriously hurt). He called it in and said that he had more questions for me. While all this is going on, Ron's grandma and Michael were still in the car, so I decided to take them inside my work so that they wouldn't have to sit in the hot car. When I came back out, I couldn't find the detective, so just as I was heading back to work, he came out of the sandwich place and said that the police were on it and my mother in law had chased him into an apartment complex and they were just trying to find out which apartment he went in. They ended up catching the guy and put him in the back of a police car and when my mother in law was coming back, he was apparently making faces at her and continuing to talk smack to her. Everyone was fine and the baby has been returned to the mother. Hopefully that child will have a good life and that nothing else like this will happen again!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Wants a Clean....Closet?

We've been trying to get things together to apply for passports, so I've been searching my house to find Ron's old/expired one. Next on the list was my closet. Since we moved in, We've pretty much just shoved things on top of the shelves above the racks, so I thought, "why not organize it?" So that's what we did! I went through everything on the top, while Ron went through some of his work papers and clothes, then I went through my clothes. Here's the during process.
The section I use to hang my hang-up clothes to dry.
Going through our clothes.

I think it's time to have a yard sale! (PS please excuse the bra on the door...I didn't notice it was there! oops!)

The trash pile!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Temple Trip

I had gotten an email to have a girls day at the temple, but the only people that were able to go was me and Amanda, so we went ahead and went. My brother watched his and my kids so that we could go and do initiatories. We took Abby with us and Amanda had her while I went in and did a few names, then we switched. On the way home, we stopped at the Valencia mall so I could exchange a shirt that I bought for Emma at the Disney store. After that, we had lunch at an Argentine style restaraunt that was pretty good! We started to head home and stopped for gas in Gorman. Normally I go to the Chevron and then get right back on the freeway, however, this time I went under the freeway and went to a different station. So, out of habit, I just got back on the freeway and didn't think much of it until I saw Pyramid Lake! I couldn't believe I had done that! I immediately got off and turned around! I felt bed though, because my brother had all those kids by himself! It turned out alright, though and we had an amazing day at the temple, none the less!
Here are a few pictures that I took: