Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas Dance

Emma and Abby had a Christmas dance performance at the KC Museum. Both girls did great! Afterwards we walked around, saw Santa and then out to dinner for a girls night!

Emma Turns FIVE!!

Emma turned 5 on November 25th so I took her to get a mani/pedi! She LOVED having it done, but had taken off all the polish on her fingers by the end of the day! :/

Aunt Amanda made cute (Pink!) princess cupcakes. That girl loves pink!

Disneyland November 2012

We went to Disneyland on Thanksgiving Day and California Adventures the next day. I had heard that it was a good day to go and with Ron and I both off those day, and the kids out of school, we decided to try it out! We found that it is still PACKED, but we were able to do just about everything we wanted to do! Some rides were long lines, others weren't too bad! Grandma K & Mary came with us to Disneyland, but it was just us at California Adventures. We got to check out the new Cars Land which was pretty fun! We almost didn't ride the main ride there because it was a TWO AND A HALF HOUR WAIT!! Crazy!! But, Ron and Michael waited while the other 2 kids and I checked out some other rides and then we went over there after they got back, Emma and I headed over there with our child swap ticket to cut out the line! We had a great time! Can't wait to go back!

Pony Rides

Emma was invited to a little boy from her primary class's birthday party. It was a Lightning McQueen party and they had fun games, but the highlight was the pony ride!

School Awards

The kids earned some awards at school. Both got Perfect Attendance and Emma got the High Performance Math Award!


Halloween 2012

Emma and Abby had a dance performance at the Kern County Museum. Emma danced to the Ghostbusters theme song. She was hilarious at the part "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"
More Halloween festivities included going to my mom's work for trick or treating and to the church for more games and candy! Michael was Batman, Emma was Merida from Brave, and Brock was a dragon which he LOVED!!


On October 27-28 Ron Played in the 2012 Kern County Amateur Championship Golf Tournament and HE WON!! Not only did he win the championship, but he got the 2012 Player of the Year!! There was a nice article in the local paper that I had framed for him along with the picture they used in the article.

Big Boy Bed!

With the other 2 kids, I transitioned them to a toddler bed before they could open doors, which made it a LOT easier! However, Brock started opening doors at an early age which made it difficult. He did take a short nap this day, but he (we) didn't last the night! He will be 2 soon and is now in a toddler bed again since he can climb out of the crib!

Birthday Getaway

For my birthday Ron and I went to the beach for the day. First stop, Splash Cafe'! Yummy!! We walked the pier, did some shopping, went to the outlets for more shopping, and then later we found a REALLY good Italian restaurant, Guiseppes (sp?)!! I would definately go back!  It was a fun day! It's always nice to get away just the two of us! :o)

Tooth #2

Michael had another loose tooth. We (again) tried to pull it out, but he DOES NOT like us to touch it. The kids had their primary program one Sunday and he was playing with his tooth THE WHOLE TIME!! I kept trying to get his attention to get him to stop, but he wouldn't. It finally came out towards the end!

While the Kids are in School...

We get some mommy & me time and I. Love. It. <3 p="">

Kern County Fair 2012

We went to the fair a couple times this year, but I only have pictures on this day when we went with Grandma Killmer. The kids saw animals, magic shows, and rode a couple rides. It was pretty hot so we refilled the lemonade SEVERAL times!!

When Grandma's In Town...

We Go Swimming!!

Battle Wounds

I was saving time by giving all 3 kids a shower in my bathroom and Brock leaned on the shower door, which opened, he fell face first and got a nice bloody, fat lip! His tooth went into his lip which caused him to bleed pretty good! It was everywhere and the other kids thought he was dying! Obviously he got over it pretty quick!

Date Day with Brock!

I made a VERY last minute decision to go to Knott's Berry Farm with my parents and my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and her friend who were in town visiting for a few days. It was the 2nd day of school and I didn't think I should go, but I was able to find a sitter and Brock and I headed out! We had fun and Brock was able to go on one of the log water rides. I think he liked it. We rode it 3 times!

Back to School 2012!!

Michael and Emma started school August 20, 2012. Michael Started First Grade, and Emma started Pre-Kindergarten. She was supposed to start Kinder this year, but CA is in the process of changing the cutoff age. For the 2012-13 school year the date is November 1, 2013-14 will be October 1, 2014-15 will be September 1 and that's where it will stay. Since her birthday is November 25th, she missed the cutoff! I was upset because she's so much taller than a lot of kids her age, but CA designed this Pre-K program that is offered at her school so I took advantage. She is loving it, and is doing quite well! I just hope she doesn't get bored when she gets into Kindergarten next year!
Michael had a rough start at the beginning of the year. He and his teacher clash, and frankly we clash with her, too! I'm not too thrilled with her and the way she handles the class, but he has been doing much better and we are just hoping we can get through this year and move on to better things in 2nd grade next year!

Meldrum Wedding

Shortly after returning home from our WA wedding trip, it was time to turn around and head back up north to Auburn, CA for my cousin, Laura's, wedding! It was a quick trip that I almost didn't go on! The morning we were supposed to go I went in to work feeling kinda sick. after a couple hours I started getting worse and it was almost unbearable! I knew it was a UTI and had called my doctor to try to get in, but no luck! Thank goodness they were sympathetic enough to send in a prescription for me! My boss sent me home, so Ron came to pick me up (since the plan was he was supposed to pick me up so we could leave after work). I went home and fell asleep. Little by little I started feeling better and was able to suck it up and make the trip! It was a beautiful ceremony with a beautiful couple! The reception was very casual, but elegant! It was on a beautiful lot with lakes, barns, badmitten and other games. They had blankets to have a picnic on, a dj, the food was delicious with sliders, salads, fruit and HOMEMADE ice cream!!! SO good! We headed home Sunday night and Monday morning was the kids' first day of school!

First Lost Tooth!

Ok, so it's been awhile....Guess I should just pick up where I left off!! Michael had a loose tooth while on our WA trip. While in Seattle, we tried to pull it out. With LOTS of hysterics and tears, we decided to just leave him alone. On the drive home the next day, he was playing with his tooth and loosening it up himself. Just before we made it to Sacramento we hear "My tooth came out!!" That's right! He pulled the tooth out himself! Luckily we were going home that night so he was able to put his tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy left him a dollar!