Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Ron had his 32nd birthday last month. We didn't do a whole lot. He was able to get the day off work, but, unfortunately, I had to work all day. His mom was in town so she & Gabi helped watch the kids so he could play golf with some friends. They played almost 2 rounds of golf that day in the super hot weather! He's crazy! Afterwards, we met up with some family at China Bistro for some yummy chinese food that his mom treated us to and then back to our house for some cake. Ron's request was a "Ruben Gutierrez" cake. He's the one that made our wedding cake and they are DELICIOUS!! The BEST cake EVER!!! I didn't think he was making them anymore (especially something small) and even if he was, I thought it was going to be expensive. But, since that's what he wanted, I gave it a shot and called. Luckily, he agreed to make one for us!! I didn't tell him any specifics as to how to decorate, I just told him to make it masculine. When I saw it, I noticed he did a golf theme!! Perfect!!

Happy Birthday, honey!! I love you tons!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Mini Vacation

Ron was supposed to have a golf tournament the beginning of June that he had gotten swaps for at work, but the tournament was postponed to the end of the month, so he switched the dates with the guys that were supposed to work for him to the new date. However, when it got closer to the end of the month, they ended up cancelling the tournament. So, since he had already switched dates, he decided just to take the days off. I wanted to do something fun, so we bought tickets for cheap at Costco and headed to Universal Studios! We hadn't been since we were dating and thought we'd give it a shot! We had a blast! Here's Emma & Brock in front of the sign!

They had a Curious George section that had 2 parts. One was a splash zone that dumped water EVERYWHERE! There were kids in swim suits!! And then they had a "dry" section that was indoors and you could shoot foam balls all over the place! Emma really liked it! (I think daddy did, too!)

This was the ONLY character all day she would go near! She was SOOOOO excited to see him! We even saw Dora just before this and she wouldn't go near her!

Waiting in line to go on the studio tour. Ron and I both love this movie! It wasn't very big, but we still quote it and will watch it when it comes on! "I'm like a tornado of anger!"

The Dalorean (sp?) from Back to the Future


The crash scene from Tom Cruise's movie "End of Days" (I believe)

The Great Outdoors house. You can see a giant blue screen behind the house. They use that to digitally put scenes in the background. If they shooting a water scene, they fill up the front of that screen with water, or if they're filming a desert scene they'll fill it up with sand and then put the appropriate image on the screen.

We saw Scooby and gang (See? She didn't want to go near them!)

The Mystery Machine

We watched the animal actors show. It was cute! They showed how they train the animals for the set. They did some neat tricks! I wonder if they would train Lola for me? :o)

I thought there wouldn't be much for Emma or Brock to do, but we were able to watch several shows and other things with everyone. They do have a few rides that they couldn't go one, but they have a "child switch" option where one parent waits with the kids, while the other rides the ride and then you can switch without having to wait in line again! They have little areas and rooms where you can wait with TV's, so it beats having to wait in line! (For me, anyway, not really for Ron! :o) ) The Studio Tour has a new King Kong area that's in 3D that was REALLY cool! I thought Emma would get scared, but she actually liked it! When Michael gets home, we plan on going back!