Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Party, Toy Car, and Valentine's Day

Emma was invited to a birthday party for a little girl in her primary class. It was fun! They had a bbq, bounce house, pinata, and face painting! A real, professional face painter! There were several kids that had gotten their faces done of different animals (ie: bears, lions, butterflies, etc). Emma gets up there and the lady asked her what she wanted. She said "a pink flower." The lady then said, "Do you want it on your cheek?" Emma said, "I want a pink flower all over!" So, this is what she got! She was SOOOOOOOO sad that night when I gave her a shower and it came off!
Brock is getting to the point where he's standing and walking along furniture. We got this little car when Michael was starting to walk, and he was walking within a week! Brock isn't as advanced, but I didn't figure he would be. He still likes it as long as we remind him we have it. He doesn't usually go to it by himself to play with it! He doesn't sit on it for long, either. He'd rather walk around with it.
I was spoiled this year for Valentines! I found this strand of pearls at work and thought it would be perfect for the dress I got for Ron's brother's wedding. However, when I tried them on I wasn't sure if they would be long enough, so I kinda forgot about them until Valentines morning, Ron came in with a box and when I opened it, there they were! Even if I don't wear them to the wedding, I'm SO glad I have REAL pearls!!

Long Overdue Date!!

After we got back from Washington, Ron had that next week off work and I kept telling him we should do something. We finally decided that on Friday, we would use our pass to Universal Studios that we bought last summer and go, just the two of us! It had been too long since we had been on a date, so I was pretty stoked! My dad graciously accepted our request to watch the kiddos for us. We had a GREAT time! We left a little later than we wanted, but had a nice leisure drive down to LA. It was nice to not have to rush. The park was only open until 6, but it was plenty of time to do just about everything.
I have to explain the above picture. No, it's not just a picture of me. Ron HATES water rides! Even on hot days. He doesn't like to walk around with wet clothes all day. I actually convinced him to ride the Jurassic Park ride, which is a water ride that gets you pretty dang wet! While in line, Ron saw an Asian man in line a couple rows behind us and joked that it was Jackie Chan and asked me to take his picture and posed really dumb. Then, as we moved along, there was an African American (to be politically correct) guy and he said it was Kobe Bryant and to take his picture, and he posed really dumb again. Then, as we're standing there waiting for our raft, I looked at the "control booth" where the guys were running the ride and this white guy was wearing a beanie and had a beard/mustache, so I joked and said that it was Zac Brown. So, he took my picture! I know, we're nerds!
When we were heading to Jurassic Park, we saw these people setting up cameras and whatnot like they were going to be filming. When we got off the ride we saw Mario Lopez!! (or AC Slater for all you Saved by the Bell fans!) They filmed a little and then walked right by us! No, I didn't reach out and try to grab his clothing, but it was still pretty neat to see someone you grew up watching on TV in real life! (Anyone else notice that celebrities seem smaller in real life?)
As we were leaving, we ran into one of my favorite people, Lucille Ball!! She was packing up her cab with John Wayne's footprints and waiting for her girlfriend, Ethel, so they could go on a road trip! :o)
The biggest Rice Krispies Treat I've ever seen!!
In front of the sign!
We left the studios and walked up and down University City Walk for a little bit. Ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe', did a little shopping including the Skechers store where we both bought a pair of shoes, but the ones I bought were too small, since they were the only ones left, and then took them to another mall by the Kodak theater so I could exchange them for the right size. After doing that, we thought we would check out Ripley's Believe it or Not. It was pretty interesting. They had this wax model of this lady with VERY large lips! Apparently she had several men interested in her and had several proposals of marriage. She did get married to one of them. Anyway, we had a BLAST! It's so nice to get away, just the two of us and have some real grown-up time! I hope we can do it again, soon!!