Sunday, August 29, 2010


Since I had just found out I was pregnant, I didn't want to travel by myself, so I asked Gabi to come along with me since she has some friends and family that live in Provo. She agreed and we were off on a Friday. Ron's sister lives in Provo and his mom was visiting, so we were to meet them there, stay the night, and then leave the next day. When we got there, we transferred our stuff into the other vehicle, said our goodbyes to Gabi, and then got to hang out with grandma. Ron's sister was in Salt Lake when we got there for a dance practice she had. It was a practice before the tryouts the next morning for the dance team for the Utah Grizzlies (the semi-pro hockey team.) Saturday, while we were waiting for Mary, we ran some last minute errands, picked up some last minute things before the trip. When she got done, we headed out, but first stopped at a waterfall that's nearby (I don't remember the name, but a lot of people go). The first picture is shortly after we got into UT and I saw this crazy looking rain cloud!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Announcements

When I announced my pregnancy with Michael to Ron, I was just so excited and couldn't wait to tell him and had given him a pair of baby golf shoes that I had ordered online. I was even shaking when I gave them to him! For my parents, I made up some Cookies By Design and had the movie theater workers give it to them during a movie we had seen one night (all pre planned), for Ron's parents we sent them a Build a Bear. For Emma, I sent out cards to everyone to see who would get theirs first. For this baby, we had to drag the announcements out because I was going on vacation with Ron's family and wanted to tell them in person.
I told Ron first. He had a golf tournament that he said I could go to, so I made up a card that said "Congrats!" and on the inside said "On your third hole in one!" I put it where his golf balls are so he was sure to find it.

The next week we told my parents. I printed out the picture and gave it to them just before church started (hence, no pictures). My dad saw first because my mom was late to choir. When she finally came in, our choir director gave her the picture. Both were really excited.
That Friday was when the kids and I were headed to UT where my MIL & SIL were. My SIL wasn't home when we got there, so I gave my MIL a packet of photos of the last couple of months of the kids, included the announcment picture at the end. She was pretty suprised as well!
When my SIL came home, we did the same thing for her.

A couple days later, we met up with the rest of the crew at the cabin and showed them the pictures, too.

Everyone was so excited because we had been saying for a long time that we were done and weren't having anymore kids. But after a LONG debate of back and forth between the both of us, we decided that we'd like to have one more! SUPRISE! :o)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Better for My 300th Post Than....

We said it wasn't going to happen, but...... :o) We are so excited! I'm due March 31, 2011. I have my first doctors appointment this Friday, so we'll see how it goes!