Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Way Home...

...we stopped at the temple so we could see the christmas lights. I've always wanted to go, but haven't taken the opportunity 'til now.

Drive by temple shot.

Knott's "Merry" Farm

For the last 4 years (minus the year I had just had Emma) we have taken advantage of getting into Knott's for free for Fire & Law Enforcement days! It's getting better as the years go by because the kids can ride more rides and even most by themselves! They really enjoy going and LOVE to ride "Co-Coasters" (as Michael refers to them as!) This year we were able to take Grandma K with us since she was in town!
Here are the kids in Camp Snoopy on the first ride!

The airplane ride.

Ridin' the rails.

The girl loves her Choo Choo trains!


Emma & Grandma K

Michael & Grandma K

Mommy & Emma

Michael & Emma on the mini scrambler.

Michael & Daddy on the Ferris Wheel.

Michael giving Emma a hug.

I LOVE this picture!

Check out Michaels face!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


After several weeks of Michael still sleeping in his toddler bed NEXT to his bunk, I FINALLY ordered a mattress for his new big boy bed!!! I only got one, for now, but will probably get the other soon. He was SOOOOOOO excited to sleep in his new bed! He even waited up for daddy to come home from work so he could show him "a suprise".

Christmas Decorations

We decorated for Christmas a couple weeks ago and this is the result...

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Crazy Kids!

I was cleaning out some drawers and found a bunch of old pacifiers (I started hiding them when I took them away from the kids) and put them in the throw away pile. When I turned around, this is what I saw:

I was in the other room and Ron told me to get my camera and come into our room. When I came in, I found what Michael had done to the cat. It's one of those velcro glove things that you play catch with tennis balls.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving in Pismo

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This year we decided to spend Thanksgiving in Pismo! It was so fun! We spent 2 nights at the Seacrest Inn. The hotel was very nice and right on the beach (as long as you walked down a billion stairs to get there! Going down, not so bad, going back up...eesh!) The weather was nice and the company was fabulous! It was the first time the kids shared a bed in a hotel before and they had a difficult time getting to sleep because they were so excited! We had Thanksgiving dinner at Marie Callendars and it was REALLY good (minus the yams...yuck!). We took a night walk along the beach that night and then called it a night. Friday morning, my parents and I got up really early to hit up black friday deals, grabbed some complimentary breakfast, got ready and went out to the beach for some family photos. After the photo shoot, we had us some Splash Cafe (yum!) and then Ron's friend from high school and his wife came into town and they took off to play golf. His friends wife was supposed to meet up with the rest of us, but they were having hotel issues and it was too late by the time they got resolved. We took the kids to San Luis to the Children's Museum. It's all hands on and the kids had a BLAST! It's 3 stories tall. The first floor has some science areas, dinosaur digging, virtual soccer, etc. The 2nd floor was mostly dress up stuff where they had a diner, firetruck w/costumes, a fed ex truck w/boxes, a doctors office w/check-up table, x-ray films, weight scale, etc, a trolly w/benches, a performance stage w/lots of dress-up costumes, a farmers market & a police motorcycle (this floor is where we spent most of our time). The 3rd floor was the smallest and had a large train track for the kids to play with, a huge train you could pretend to drive, and a big doll house area that you could build and play in. (I'm sure there were more things, but by the 3rd floor, I was exhausted!) For dinner we went to Hoagies in Pismo. It was pretty good! Later, we put the kiddos to bed, my dad came to our room and we went out with Ron's friend & his wife and went bowling in Morro Bay where I bowled the BEST GAME OF MY LIFE!!! We played 2 games and on the 3rd, we only made it to the middle of the 9th frame when they shut down the alley. I went strike, strike, strike, spare, spare, strike, spare, spare, 2 (I guess I got tired by the 9th frame!) I was so upset that I couldn't finish!! We got up the next moring, had breakfast at Denny's and then headed home, since Ron had to go to work that afternoon. We had a great time and it was so nice to not have to worry about cooking and we were still able to get some black friday shopping done!