Monday, November 21, 2011

Disney On Ice & Halloween

WE took the kids to see Disney On Ice Toy Story last month. We got a pretty good deal on tickets so we decided to go. The kids loved it! We went out to eat at Juicy Burger before for dinner then headed over. The funniest part was afterwards when we were walking to our car and there were some guys trying to sell light up products which included light up Minnie Mouse bow headbands of different colors and the guy was asking the kids "what's your favorite color?" Of course, Emma said "my favorite color is pink!" and walked over to the guy. When we told her we weren't buying her one (especially after spending way too much money inside!) she started to cry! Poor deprived little girl! ;o)
This year for Halloween the kids dressed up as Captain America, Rapunzel & Mickey Mouse (not pictured!) Usually when the Costco costumes come out (2 months before Halloween!) we buy one. For some reason Michael wanted to be Captain America. It was the ONLY one left when we went to pick one out. He originally picked spiderman, but as we were looking at all the others, he pointed to this one (which we didn't see) and said he wanted it! We told him that they didn't have a Captain America, and after a brief back and forth argument, we saw it buried amongst the others! Weird! Emma choose Ariel, but when we got the costume home, we found a tear in it. When we took it back, she changed her mind to Rapunzel. I bought Brock's costume back in July when we went to the Disney Store in Valencia. I was afraid as it got closer that it wouldn't fit because he was so small, but it worked out okay and he looked so cute! I took pictures on my phone and I haven't downloaded them yet. Halloween day was pretty crazy for me! Ron went in to work early that morning, I got Michael up and to school, got Emma ready for preschool and took her, then went to Brocks Doctor's appointment where I found out he needed to see a GI specialist and that he had a hernia (sp?) and would need surgery! (More details on a later post!), After the appointment, I took our new van that we had just bought the Friday before back to the dealership because the A/C in the rear was only blowing out hot air! Of course, they needed to keep the car, but gave me a rental car to drive in the meantime. After getting that mess all sorted out, I picked up the kids from Amanda (who was awesome and picked up/took care of my kids for me while I ran around), went back to my house and got the kids dressed in their costumes, went to my moms work where they did some trick or treating, then it was off to Grandma & Grandpa Shmeesh's to show off the costumes. After that it was back to my parents house to help out with my dad's spooky house and go trick or treating! It was a busy day, but we survived!