Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abby Spends the Night & Rolling Over!

Ryan & Amanda took the boys to an Aquabats concert down in San Diego a few weeks ago and they asked if I could watch Abby. Since the concert was going to go late and we had church the next day, I offered to have her spend the night. The kids had a blast playing and having fun with their cousin! I did take a picture of all the cousins in the bath, but Abby wouldn't sit down and I didn't think I should post it for the whole web to see!

I'd been trying to get Brock to roll over for awhile. He turned his body waaaaay over, but to no avail. He FINALLY rolled over Wednesday, July 27th while I was at work and Gabi was watching the kids! Of course! He rolled over from back to front and front to back! He didn't do it for me when I got home that night (of course, again!) but finally did it for us Thursday night! We got video, but it's on our phones!

Rice Cereal!!

Brockers turned 4 months on August 2nd, but we were going to be on vacation, so I thought I would try it before we left on our trip. It wasn't too bad. He didn't care for the texture much, but I was able to feed him most of it. However, when Ron had the kids and tried it, it was a fail. I didn't feed him much cereal while we were gone, but when we got back he had his 4 month check up and we found out he was under weight! He weighed 11 lbs 10 oz and was 24 1/4 inches long, which put him in the 1.1% for weight! I was pretty shocked since he was such a big baby when he was born! He does eat every 2-3 hours during the day and sleeps ALL night long, but he does spit up quite a bit after he eats, so he doesn't retain much food. The doctor decided to hold off on tests for awhile (yay!) and will check him in a month to see if he's gaining now that he's on cereal. I've found that he likes the cereal best when I mix it with breastmilk, so we are trying to feed him the cereal 2-3 times a day to see if we can get his weight up a little! I went through the same thing with Emma, so I'm hoping to not have to go through all the tests with him like I did with her!

He looks SO cute when he sucks his thumb, but I'm trying to break the habit now before it gets out of control!

Messy boy!

"I got this, Ma!"

Swim Lessons

I signed the kids up for swim lessons again this year. You just can't beat $5!! I have a feeling that if we had a pool, or had better access to a pool, the kids would be swimming already. But we don't, so they aren't (very well, anyway!). They both are comfortable in the water and don't have a problem with going under the water. Which is VERY nice! This year, however, the lessons paid off! While on vacation, we swam A LOT and Michael was swimming by himself for quite a while!! He even got into the deep part and was able to get himself to the side (after giving everyone a scare!). Emma isn't quite there, but she's getting better every year!

Basketball Camp

Last year we put Michael in a basketball camp because it seemed more interesting for him (and me) than T-ball. He loved it! So this year, we put him in again. It's every day M-F for one week. They teach you the fundamentals of basketball and on the last day they play a game between the two teams. This year, Aaron joined in the fun and he and Michael were on the same team!

Tough Guys!

All Michael wanted to do was shoot the ball! He didn't want to do the warm ups and threw a little tantrum the first day because he didn't want to do the jumping jacks! We made a deal that he didn't have to do the jumping jacks, but he had to do everything else. He LOVES sports and LOVES to play basketball!! Pretty soon, he'll be able to be in a golf academy and he'll be in HEAVEN!!