Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Bragging!

As you all know, my son LOVES to play golf!! Usually we will take him to the park to hit balls, or if he uses soft balls, he can play in the house. When Ron's mom comes into town, she will generally take him somewhere so he can play and occasionally to Riverlakes to the driving range. They also have a little par 3 course that he can play that makes him feel like he's on a real golf course. (It's the same one he played at for his tournament he played in a couple years ago.) Anyway, Ron's mom has been in town waiting for the baby to be born and has taken turns with each kid to spend the day/night with her. Michael spent the night Friday night, so Saturday, she took him to Riverlakes to play the little course, however it was occupied with the Jr Golf Acadamy so they settled for the driving range and putting green. When they were ready to leave, she went over to the little course and was talking to a lady to get some information about the academy and explained that he was 4, but was pretty good. The lady told her that the kids needed to be 6 to sign up. Well, the coach overheard the conversation and asked if Michael was with her. She said yes, so he told her to have him hit a few balls so he could see how he played. So she got him out of the car, got his clubs and he went over to tee up the ball. He hits the ball and knocks it onto the green!! He does this consistantly for about 4 shots and the coach was impressed! He said that Michael was better than some of his 6 year olds and if we were willing, he would let us sign him up now! I'm so proud of my little boy! Now we just have to see if we can fit it in our budget! I also want to sign Emma up for dance, so we're going to have to do some crunching!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 Days To Go! Pregnancy Ramblings...

So, I'm officially a week away from my due date. I keep hoping everyday that "this is the day", but no such luck. I was a week early with Michael, and 3 days late with Emma, so it will be interesting to see what this one will be. (I'm hoping he takes more after his brother than his sister, though!) I've felt pretty good, most of the time. I've had a couple of days where I've felt SO nauseous it's hard to do anything! The first time I was at work and had to leave, it had gotten so bad! The second time I was at work again and went in the back to lay down for a minute. I started feeling better, so I stayed and was able to finish the day. However, that night Ron and I had gone out with my parents for dinner and a movie, and during the movie, I started feeling REALLY bad again! I got up and went to the bathroom and got a drink of water. That helped for a little while. The movie was almost over, luckily, and while we were walking out it started up again! It finally went away and I haven't gotten that bad since. Yesterday, though, I had eaten a late lunch and was heading to my parents house to drop something off and on the way, I got a nasty gas bubble in my stomach! It was SO painful! I just went in, layed down on the couch at around 4 and didn't go home until about 10:30! My mother in law has been in town and has been taking one kid everyday to spend time with and spend the night with her, so I only had Emma with me. Luckily my dad was home when I went there and he basically took care of her for me! He made dinner, fed her, and after I woke up from a short nap, she had been showered and was in her jammies! I'm feeling better today, but my back and hips are starting to hurt! I've lost a little mucus, but that doesn't really mean a whole lot right about now, but I'm still hopeful! At my first doctors appointment, she said that I wasn't dialated, but was really soft. The next appointment (with the actual doctor) a week later she said I was a 2 & 50% effaced, which gave me some hope! Then the next appointment, 5 days later, there wasn't much change. She said I was still a 2 and about 30-50%. That was a bummer, but I still have some time left. I have my next appointment on the 30th at 8 am, so I'm hoping I miss it so I don't have to go so early! Plus, Ron will be at work for a training class that he has to go to (that he would like to miss!) If the baby doesn't come before monday, that means it will be harder to get a hold of him at work if something were to happen. Plus, his brother is getting ready to qualify for the Canadian golf tour and wants Ron to caddy for him and that starts the first week of April! Everyone is fully aware that if the baby is not here, he's not going, but we're hoping that everything will work out! That's about it for now! Hopefully our next post will be announcing our new baby!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure if I was going to have one or not because I still had a lot of Michael's old stuff. There were just a few things I needed to get because I had gotten rid of some things or they were destroyed. I had asked my mom if she was wanting to do one, because if not, I was going to start collecting some things. She said she wanted to do one, so I held off on buying stuff. My mom & Amanda and several other people worked REALLY hard putting it together and making it so nice for me! We had a great turn-out and I got a lot of good stuff! :o)
These were the party favors that a friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in SEVERAL years made for me. We had reconnected on facebook and I've noticed all her crafty things she's done, so my mom contacted her and asked if she would help out making these little booties that we had seen done for another shower she helped out with! They were SO cute and made out of styrofoam cups!!

We had the shower in the morning and did a breakfast theme. We had muffins, fruit, quiches, breakfast pizza, french toast casserole, blueberry tarts, cinnamon rolls, hashbrown casserole & orange juice! It was SO good! Thanks to all who helped make it! :o)

This was the picture table that was set up when you first walk in. We had several pictures of my photo shoot & an ultrasound picture and the picture that we announced the pregnancy with.

My mom worked so hard and planned for all kinds of fun things! She even took Emma to Target and bought her a new outfit for the occasion...shoes and all! :o) She looked SO cute!

Grandma Smeesh (Smith) with baby Lincoln! (Lindsey's baby)

An intense game of musical bottle!

My sweet little girl helping me open presents. She helped with about half of them, but decided it would be more fun to play with Elyse! (The daughter of the hostess)

I had a GREAT time and am so thankful to all those who came to make it that more special! Thanks to all those that helped with the shower! I'm a lucky girl! :o) Now, I just need the baby!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disneyland Trip February 2011

Ron's not a big Disneyland guy. I have always loved going and now that I have kids I want to take them ALL the time! Unfortunately, it is SO expensive, ESPECIALLY with kids that aren't free anymore! So we have compromised to go at least once a year. Since I already planned on going, I used it as an opportunity to try to get Michael to stop having accidents at night time. It was getting pretty ridiculous, so I thought I'd give it a try! I told him that if he didn't have an accident for a whole week, we would do something really special (I didn't tell him what it was just in case he didn't make it!) Sure enough, he went over TWO WEEKS without an accident. He's not completely accident free, but he does MUCH better than he used to! I had been pretty excited to go this year and take advantage of the 2fer offer they usually do every spring.....except this year! Instead, they have a promotional deal for $99 for 2 days, one park per day. But times 4 = lots of money! We found out about this website that a friend from Ron's work uses where they rent out park hopper tickets for $55 for one day park hoppers. With much debate on whether it was legit or not, we went ahead and tried it out. I don't know if I'll use it everytime we go, but it was pretty nice to not have to spend a fortune! I had asked my mom if she wanted to go with us since my dad had school and had been with my brother a few months ago. I also thought it would be better to have another adult since there were some rides I wouldn't have been able to ride. As time got closer, Ron's mom and sister worked it out so they could come, too, and since Aaron still had a valid season pass, we brought him along as well! We planned to start out at Disneyland, since they opened earlier, but by the time we got there, California Adventure had just opened, so we decided to just play there for awhile. I immediately got in line to get fastpasses for the World of Color while everyone else went to find cool rides. We rode some rides, watched some shows, and as we passed Tower of Terror, we found that ALL the kids were tall enough to ride! I wasn't sure how they'd take it, but they all went on the "elevator" ride. I waited by the TV's to check out their picture! They didn't like the ride much, but none of them cried! After lunch, we headed over to Disneyland to check out some things over there. We were able to do the Jedi Training Acadamy that Michael was SO excited about. I didn't think he'd do it because when I showed him a YouTube video of it, he said he didn't want to fight Darth Vador. But a few days before we went, that's all he would talk about! I was glad he enjoyed himself. Aaron was fine up until it was his turn to fight, and he backed out. Emma even got a storm trooper and Darth mal (sp?) to jump in front of her to scare her! She was fine, though! After awhile and a few more rides, I stood in the super long wait line for the princesses while they took the kids to Toon Town. They brought Emma to me when I got closer and she was able to see Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty. She was in Heaven! The boys had gone to make their own lightsaber. After picking up the boys, we headed back to California Adventure to watch the World of Color. I hadn't seen it yet, and thought it was really nice, but it was about 1/2 hour long and after a long day of walking around, I was done with standing! When that was over we headed to Downtown Disney for some dinner. We ate at this Mexican restaraunt that was pretty good! As an added bonus, there was a guy there that was making balloon "animals". Michael got Spiderman, Aaron got Buzz, and we had him make an Ariel for Emma (she CRASHED and wouldn't wake up!) After dinner, we headed to our hotel, the Anabella (LOVE this hotel!!!) and had a good nights sleep! we were in no rush to get up and checked out at check out time. On the way home, we stopped at Ikea in Burbank and picked up a new TV cabinet for the playroom that was super cheap and I love it! Ron's Mom and Sister decided to drive to San Diego that night and went to Sea World the next day because it was his sisters birthday! We had a great time and I hope to do it again! I am just planning on staying a little longer! It's too much to try to pack into one day!

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