Sunday, January 27, 2008

On a Diet!

Yep, that's right! The Killmer's on starting a "diet". We've started eating healthier and are exercising more. We even went out and bought an Elyptical (sp?) with some credit that Ron got for golf. We're doing pretty good so far, but it's only been a week, so hopefully we'll keep it up! I'm even cooking more, which is good on the budget but it made me realize why I don't like cooking....because then you have to clean up! I feel like I've been doing nothing but pick up Michael's toys & wash dishes! Oh well, I guess it's part of the job, right?
Micheal is starting his "I can't talk still, so I guess I'll just whine" stage! It's getting to be really frustrating, but we have to learn to control ourselves because he can't really help the fact that he can't turn his jibberish into words yet!
Ron started his Assistant coaching and is loving it! He said the kids started calling him "Mr. Killmer" but he put a stop to that quick! Now they just call him "coach". He says there's a couple of freshman that are pretty good, so they may do well this year and when he takes over as head coach!
Emma's still just as pretty as ever and is smiling a lot, especially in the mornings! She's a good baby! I'm getting pretty successful with keeping her in her crib. She only wakes up once during the night, so that's nice! I did bring her in bed last night, but it was very windy & noisy, so I think it was keeping her up. I was also afraid the power would go out & I wouldn't be able to hear her without the monitor. So hopefully one night didn't ruin my hard work!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We're Sick!

Monday night was aweful! I was putting Michael to bed and as I rounded the corner...BLAH! All over! Poor guy! Apparently there's been some bug going around because all of my nephews, my sister-in-law, my mom, Ron, my uncle, some friends and my father-in-law have all gotten sick! My grandma is even in the hospital, but the doctors think it's because she drank some bad milk while cleaning out her fridge! She's doing better and should come home tomorrow. So far, Emma and I are fine. I'm still just trying to battle a sore throat. Hopefully everyone will start feeling better and no one else gets sick!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We're here!

Well, we've finally created a blog! (Thanks David!) We've been wanting to do something for awhile now so that our families can keep updated because we don't see some of them very often! It's probably going to be pretty lame, but it's something, right?

So here's what's going on in our little world...Emma, the newest addition to the family, is now 6 wks old already! We had her blessing today. It was a pretty awesome turnout and she looked beautiful in her dress! She is getting bigger and stronger everyday. She is able to hold her head up and about a week & a half ago started smiling when you talk to her. She's still sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed at night, but we are hopeful to break her of that habit shortly. We've just been waiting for the crib to be free! Which brings us to Michael. Michael is now 15 months old and is turning into a typical BOY! We just moved him from the crib into his "big boy bed" he got for Christmas last week and loves the fact that he can get in and out of his own bed. Unfortunately, he also loves to open up the door & it is now harder to put him down for naps & bedtime! He loves playing with any kind of ball you can imagine! Footballs, basketballs, name it, he loves it! He also can say everyone of them! Lately, he has become quite the "daddy's boy". It is so cute to watch the two of them play together! He even cries everytime daddy walks out the door, even if it's just for a few seconds! He likes going for rides in daddy's truck because daddy rev's his engine & honks the horn. He recently had his 15 mth check-up and is 25 lbs 32 1/2 inches tall. Unfortunatly, the doctor also found an ear infection, but we've got medicine for him and he seems to be doing better. Jen is still at home on maternity leave and is loving every minute of it (even the rough days)! She hasn't officially left her job, but will probably start that process soon, as she's already half way done with her leave. She's not sure what's next as far as jobs go, but she's sure it's not back where she was. She's hoping to pursue some sort of career in photography, but is waiting for life to either slow down, or get in to a better groove. Ron is still working in Tehachapi and is making the best of his job. It's not the most glamorous of careers, but it's great pay and amazing benefits. He's hoping to soon pursue a career in Parole's and hopefully be implementing that career in the near future. Ron enjoys playing golf and wishes he could play more, but with work & family it's hard to get out. He has become quite the golfer and is one of the top amature players here in Kern County. One thing he's proud of is that he doesn't remember the last time he shot over par, which is pretty awesome! He's trying to teach Michael how to hit the ball, but Michael doesn't have the patience yet to learn, but he will get it soon! Daddy is determined! Ron is currently in the process of trying to switch his work schedule so that his time will be free to be the Assistant Golf Coach for Garces High School. He will be the assistant this year, and then, hopefully, move to Head Coach next year. So far, he hasn't had any luck getting his schedule changed, but we are hopeful!

Well, we hope all is well with everyone & we will keep you posted with updates on The Killmers!