Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fast and Testimony

Almost every fast and testimony meeting, my kids get up to bare their testimonies. Michael usually does pretty good and doesn't need help, but Emma has a little trouble. She acts really excited about doing it until she gets up to the pulpit. The first time she wouldn't say anything, so I got up and went up there and she started saying it without my help. The next month she froze and the bishop helped her. The next time another woman who was waiting to bare hers helped her.
Today, both kids got up (like usual) and went up to the stand. I looked at Ron and said "Who's going to go up and help Emma when she freezes?" Michael was first and he did a good job. Next came Emma. She got up and just started talking like she knew exactly what to do and it came so easy. Some of the highlights of her testimony were:
"I love my family."
"I love my brother."
"I love my grandma and grandpa."
"I love me."
"I love to have fun."
"I love Christmas and I love presents"
It was so cute and she came back to our seat SO PROUD that she finished it "all by herself!!"