Sunday, October 30, 2011


This year was my BIG 3-0!! I had been telling Ron for the last 2 years that I wanted to go on a trip for my 30th. However, I had a baby that I'm nursing so it was either take him, pump, or don't go. I kept thinking of all the things we could do and thought maybe I could take a short trip and then a bigger one later. I was racking my brain, even though I didn't want to plan anything (I couldn't help myself!). I then started thinking that it might be fun to go to Disneyland for a couple days, just the 2 of us and get a hotel and go on the rides that the kids can't. He wouldn't tell me ANYTHING as my birthday got closer, so I figured he wasn't planning anything! About 4:00 am on my birthday, my cell phone rang and it was my parents house. I thought "Why would they be calling me this early to tell me happy birthday?!" I answered the phone and I hear these Mickey Mouse songs. Then, my mom got on the phone and said "Get up, we're going to Disneyland! I'll be there at 5!" Emma had come in our room and was sleeping on the bed, Ron was still sleeping, and so were the other kids. I immediately started thinking, "who do I need to wake up to go?" So, I asked her who was going and she said it was just us. I asked if Ron was going, and she said to ask him. At that point, Ron's alarm went off, so I asked him and he said that he was coming, too. I had to decided whether to leave the baby or not. Ron said I would probably have more fun without him, so I decided to keep him here. And just like that, we were ready and the 3 of us headed down! It was so fun, but so weird to be there without kids. I had been there several times before without kids, but it seemed like we ran out of things to do. Maybe because it didn't take forever to go from ride to ride! There weren't a whole lot of people there and we only had to wait about 20 minutes for most of the rides. I went in to this neat baby center room to pump about every 3 hours. Thanks for the fun trip!!

Kindergarten Visit and a Trip to the Fair

Michaels actual birthday fell on a Monday, so I arranged to bring in some cookies to his class. It was fun to go see him in his classroom. The kids were nice and said thank you when I handed them their cookie.

Emma's preschool class took a trip to the fair for preschool days. They had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. We found this fire truck and put all the kids on there. We then found the firefighters that went with the truck and asked them to be in the picture. But.....
.....half the kids got scared and wanted to get off the truck (including my daughter!)

Michael Turns 5!

Michael turned 5 at the end of last month! He was pretty excited for his birthday party! He chose a "Super Kong" theme this year. Super Kong is the "super guide" for the Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii game. He's not an actual character you can play. Michael was VERY specific that he did NOT want a Donkey Kong party, he wanted Super Kong!! I'm pretty sure the ONLY reason he wanted Super Kong was because Super Kong wears a blue tie, as opposed to the red tie Donkey Kong wears, and blue is his favorite color right now.

Here's the food setup, complete with bananas!

Had to put this picture of Grandpa giving the thumbs up!
Michael with his cake that Aunt Amanda made!

SEVERAL months ago, Michael had asked for the Donkey Kong Country Wii game. The game is $49.99 and rarely on sale. I had been putting off buying it and kept telling him he could "put it on the list of things he wanted for his birthday." Everytime I went to Target, however, I would check to see if, by chance, it was on sale. One day, while the kids were in school, I had to go to Target. So, I went by the games and decided to check. I saw a sign on the game saying that they were substituting this game because another game they had for sale was out of stock and it was only $19.99!!! I couldn't belive it!!! I wanted to buy a whole bunch of them, but only needed one! :o) I took it to my parents house and wrapped it and it had been in my closet for quite some time! Last minute, I put the wrapped game inside another box, wrapped it, then put it in a bigger box and wrapped it. It was pretty funny to watch him open it.

Here he is with the original box.

He sees that it's an air mattress box! Disappointed!

Hey, another wrapped box!!

Alright! Capri Suns!! NOT!!



He was SOOOOO excited!! He started beating his chest like a gorilla!

We played "Pin the Tie on Super Kong", and I made blue ties for all the kids as favors! He had JUST learned how to ride a bike without training wheels (finally!) so my parents bought him a bigger bike! Thanks to all who came and made his day so special!

Emma Starts Dance!

I have been wanting to put Emma in dance class for awhile now. I was going to start her last year, but, for financial reasons, wasn't able to. So this year we did it! I put her in the dance studio that I danced for as a little girl all the way up until I was 6 months pregnant with Michael! It was neat being back in the studio and seeing her have so much fun! She goes for 1 hour one day a week. It's a tap/ballet combo class and they have their first performance in the beginning of December! I thought she would like tap better, but she seems to like ballet more (I think it's because they pretend to be princesses and "go to the ball"!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Road Block!!

For those of you who actually read my blog, I thought I'd give a quick update! There are so many things I need to post about, like Emma starting dance, our anniversary, Michael's birthday, my birthday and all the other things that are happening around here. However, I just got a new laptop over the weekend and all my photos are on my old laptop which has died and I can't charge it because the cat chewed up the power cord! So, until I can get a new cord & get my pictures transferred, the blog remains the same! I am loving the new computer, though! :o)