Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Only Hair, Right?

Since Ron had to go back to work, he had to shave off the beard he'd been growing for 2 weeks! Here's the before:

And during...He was having fun with the razor!

He ran out of ideas after this one and then just shaved the whole thing off. He normally keeps the mustache because that's the only thing he can grow for work, but I HATE the mustache and asked him to shave it all! I love kissing him when he's just shaved! :o)

On top of him shaving his beard, he asked if I would shave his hair (which I normally do). Michael was due for a hair cut, too, so I had him come out, too. He did NOT want his hair cut! He says it hurts. I think he just doesn't like the feel of the clippers on his head. Normally, I like his hair a little longer on top, and shaved on the sides. Since he was throwing a fit, I told him he could choose between me cutting it, Ron, Grandpa (my dad) or I was going to take him somewhere, but he was going to get it done! He finally decided he wanted daddy to cut his hair, but he was still throwing a fit and Ron started on the top with the clippers!! He ended up shaving his whole head the same length! I don't like it, but he does! You can't tell he likes it in the picture because he was still upset about having to have his hair cut!

A Day in LA!

Last Tuesday we took the kids to my Aunts to get some Easter pictures taken of the kiddo's along with some pictures of them in their big brother/big sister/little brother shirts. After the pictures, we headed to LA to go to the newly remodeled Temple Visitor's Center. We hadn't been yet and I've been meaning to take the kids. It was nice! It's been so long since I've been to the old visitor's center, but the new one is awesome! they have a kids section where you can color and watch short videos. We watched a movie, "Finding Faith in Christ" and it was really nice! I cried (of course!). The kids, for some reason, were scared to go in the room and watch it. Emma tried to escape several times. The movie finally started and they sat still for awhile, but it didn't last long. Plus, Brock was really fussy! But, I still got a lot out of the movie and really enjoyed it.

I love these glass etchings in the windows!

After the visitor's center, we headed to The Grove. We've been here a couple times before and loved it! It's just so nice! It's an outdoor mall with just about every store and restaraunt you can think of! We spent most of our time in the Apple store so Ron could work some stuff out with his phone. They have some computers set up for kids to play around on, so I spent the time reading books to the kids. After we left there, we headed to the Cheescake Factory. I don't think I've ever eaten there. It was pretty good! Of course I had to order a slice of cheesecake and went with the Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple. It was REALLY good! We had a lot of fun and it was to spend the day with my favorite people!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When Ron got back, he had another week off work, so we took advantage! His brother and girlfriend came to visit so we took them to Pismo! Our first stop was Morro Bay to the little aquarium they have. I have been going there since I was a kid, and I've kept that tradition alive with my kids! It's like $2 for adults and you can get some fish to feed the seals for like $0.50.

Uncle Chris with Michael in front of Morro Rock!

Catch of the day!

Emma wanted to take her picture with "Ariel"

After Morro, we headed to Pismo and walked along the pier. It was pretty windy and cold. I always get so nervous with the kids on the pier! I imagine them climbing up on the rail and falling in the ocean, or running around, tripping on the boards and then falling inbetween the rails and into the ocean, so it's not as much fun for me, but I try to overcome my emotions so we can have a good time! The kids watching the surfers.

After we walked along the pier, we stopped at Splash Cafe (my FAVORITE place for clam chowder bread bowls!) and had some dinner! Mmmmmm!! Me and my boys! (I hate when it takes forever to take a picture! My smile always ends up looking like "hurry up and take the picture!!!")

Brotherly Love!

Daddy's Home!

Ron was supposed to come home the Friday night after I had Brock, but they had been staying at a friends condo and they had to do some laundry and clean it up, so he ended up not leaving until Saturday morning from Palm Springs. He got home around 2:30 pm and we were all SO happy! He hadn't seen Brock since the day after he was born! The kids immediately bombarded him with books to read, so he assumed his position in his chair and read some books to the kiddos! We went to dinner to Olive Garden later and just enjoyed having daddy home!

Michael took these pictures.

Ron making the face Brock was making!

I took this picture. I wanted to get one of his dark hair before it all rubbed off!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

I called the school awhile ago to find out the time frame of when I could get Michael registered for school so I could get things started before the baby was born. They told me that they didn't have the packets ready yet, but it would be sometime in April. Great! Luckily, Amanda was at the school when our friend was putting together the packets for Kindergarten, so she grabbed one for me. I filled most of it out and then we were just waiting for baby. I took Michael to the dentist the Tuesday before I was due, and was hoping to have the baby so I could take them both to the doctor at the same time. We were able to make it just under the gun, however, when we got to the appointment, we found out that the kids' medical records hadn't transferred over from the old pediatrician to the new pediatrician even though I had filled the paper out for them to do that over a month prior! They asked me if he had his 4 year shots, which he had, so they just did a TB test. He freaked out over getting the shot, but did great on the eye & hearing test! A couple days later, I had to take him back for the TB reading and they STILL hadn't sent over the kids' records! I finally called to the old pediatrician's and they said they would fax over the shot records. When the new pedi's got it, we found out he needed 3 more shots!! I was SO mad because he HATES shots and I had been telling him all morning that he wouldn't have to get shots, that they were just going to look at the TB shot! I had to break the news to him and that did NOT go over well! But, he did it and lived, even though he wouldn't move his arms the whole day! He wouldn't even get in and out of the car without me picking him up! This was a day or two after the shots.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look What the Stork Brought!!!

Last Wednesday was my doctor's appointment. I would've been 40 weeks Thursday. I really thought this baby would be early because of how low I had been feeling through my whole pregnancy! We had hoped he was going to come early because we had a ton of things we were planning that were on hold waiting for baby! Ron was supposed to play in a 1 day golf tournament to qualify for another big tournament, his brother was to be playing in a HUGE tournament to qualify for the Canadian Professional golf tour that he needed Ron to caddy for him, I also wanted to have the baby so I could take him and Michael to the pediatrician at the same time so he could get his check up and Michael could do his preschool physical, and I needed to turn his packet in next week. We figured that if it didn't happen, it didn't happen, but we were hopeful. So, when I went to my doctors appointment, I was hoping to hear that I had progressed from the last 2 weeks. But, no such luck! I was STILL dialated to a 2 and 50% effaced!! By this point, I was past ready to have this baby! So, when the exam was finished, she started talking about inducing when I was a week overdue. I managed to convince her to let me go ahead and induce that week. So, she called the birthing center and they were to call me the next evening (Thursday night). They didn't call, so I called them and after back and forth calling, there were no beds available, but maybe the next morning. Again, after some back and forth calling they finally decided I could come in at 8:30 pm Friday night. About 9:30, they inserted the cervidel (sp?) to get things going. I slept on and off that night and at shift change the next morning around 8, the nurse checked me and I had dialated to a 4 and was having regular contractions so there was no need to start pitocin! But that meant that it was time for epidural!! :o) After the epidural, the doctor came in and broke my water, removed the cervidel, and I told him that I go fast. Conference came on at 9, so we had that on. I could feel the contractions and was having pain on my right side, so they came in and gave me another shot of medicine and had me lay on my right side. After awhile, I got tired of laying on that side, so I switched over to the other side. When I did that, the monitors moved, so they came in to readjust. The nurse told me that when she put the monitor on it was really low. I asked if they would check me, so my regular nurse came in shortly after that and said "You're a +1 and can start pushing!" I was SO shocked because normally I feel my body pushing automatically, but I didn't feel that with this one! I just felt the pressure of the contractions. Before they checked me, almost everyone that was in the room had left to go do whatever they were doing, so we got on the phones and told them to come back! They got the room all set up, got the doctor and a few pushes later, out came Brock Aiden Killmer weighing in at 9 lbs 12 oz 21 1/2 in long! My biggest baby by almost 2 lbs!!! AND he has dark black hair!!! If the nurses had taken the baby out of the room, I would've belived he was switched at birth! He is such a good baby! He sleeps all the time and most of the night!

Dr. Gregory Klis, the on call doctor who also delivered Michael. My daytime nurse, Shari. She was SUPER nice!

Grandma & Grandpa Smesh and Grandma Killmer

Grandma Pitts

Grandpa Pitts

Michael meeting his baby brother. He was SOOOOO excited! He LOVES his little brother and doesn't want to leave him EVER!

He would NOT stop smiling!

Emma was a little more timid, but was VERY concerned about her brother and HATED to see him cry!

Cousins came to visit, too! The kids had spent the night with Ryan & Amanda and they brought them after the first session of conference.

First bath.

On the way home!

First bath at home!

This week has been pretty good, but a little hard at the same time. Ron ended up playing in his tournament the day I was to come home from the hospital, so my parents came to take me home. I went to their house because they were going to make Sunday dinner. After Ron was done, he stopped by to grab the suitcase we used at the hospital, went home to pack, came back to my parents house, said goodbye and left to go to Palm Springs to be with his brother. It's not the ideal way to start with a new baby, but I'm glad that he is able to be with his brother and help him out. Also, his mom has been here to help me and stay with me while I recouporate! I've also been fortunate to have dinners being brought in by the wonderful ladies in the ward and am set up through Friday! And so far they've all been DELICIOUS!!