Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Ron called me the other night after coming home from work. He told me he was in the garage and that I had to come out and see this huge spider. So I grabbed my camera and went out and this is what I saw. Yeah, that's the door jam to the house!

To give you an idea how big it was...that is the button to open the garage door!

He didn't want to kill it because he's terrified of spiders and wanted me to do it. I told him that he was the man and that was his job. He tried to tell me that he didn't want to be the man for this particular occasion, but I made him anyway. So he grabbed Michaels bat to knock it off the wall.

I wish I had a video camera because the spider ran pretty fast towards him and he was jumping around trying to step on it! It was pretty funny!

Got him! The spider was still twitching when I took this. Yuck!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visit With Megan Recap

I guess I should write what we did and not just post pictures, so....We picked Megan up from LAX on friday and hung out in Beverly Hills that night. Ryan & Amanda were gracious enough to watch the kids so Ron and I could go down there and we all had a blast. We walked up and down Rodeo Dr, but everything was closed, and then headed to The Grove (a big outdoor mall). We had planned on eating at the Cheesecake Factory, but there was a really long wait, so we settled on Wood Ranch and were seated on the patio right away. After getting our table, I went inside to use the restroom and on my way back, I notice this guy a couple of tables away from ours and thought "he looks familiar..." I went back and told my mom who I thought it was, but she couldn't see him (his back was to us). Shortly after he left, I asked our waitress and, sure enough, it was Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders from the original 90210)!! I didn't watch the show when it was on because my parents wouldn't let me, however, while Ron and I lived with my parents while our house was being built, my mom and I would watch the re-runs. Still, it was pretty cool to sit next to someone famous. We didn't do a whole lot Saturday or Sunday, but Monday, the kids and I took Megan to Hurricane Harbor and had a blast! I took her to BJ's Restaraunt in Valencia for some Chicago style pizza and a yummy Pizookie! If you haven't been there to have one, GO!!!! They are sooooooo good! Tuesday, Ryan, Amanda, My Mom & Dad, the boys (including Michael) & Megan went to Magic Mountain and had a great time! Both Ron and I had to work & Emma stayed home, but LOVED being an only child for the day! My mom took Megan on Wednesday to have a photo shoot and there were some great pictures with that! Thursday my parents, Megan, Ron & I and the kids all went to Pismo, had some Splash Cafe' clam chowder, walked the pier, went shopping (oddly enough, we ran into Ron's aunt & uncle who live in Washington! We haven't seen them since last summer! Weird!), and had a little beach time! Emma got filthy AGAIN! Michael was mostly just wet. Luckily I had x-tra clothes! Lastly, we went to the SLO street fair! We looked around a little and my parents got some produce, we bought jackets from Ross for the kids since I forgot them! Oops! We ate dinner at an Italian restaraunt, but it wasn't very good and was expensive. I will probably never go back! Friday, we had a farewell dinner and then off to Rosemary's for some ice cream! A great way to say goodbye! My parents drove her up to Monterey yesterday where her parents were meeting them. We had a great visit with her and hope she can come back soon! Hopefully we'll be able to see the whole family before Chris (Megans brother) leaves for his mission! Last I hear, he's working on turning in his papers! We shall see!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Comedian

The kids and I were at my parents house when she had her VT over.
Michael: (standing on the ground, leaning on the ottoman) What's your name?
VT: Rumplestiltskin! (sp?)
Michael: (has his elbow on the ottoman, places his head in his hand and proceeds to shake his head!)

We were at home and Michael wanted to watch a movie. He's been obsessed with Tom & Jerry golf, which is a DVD compilation of several Tom & Jerry episodes, and only 1 of them is a golf one, however, that's the one that's on the cover, so it's the Tom and Jerry golf movie. That's what he asked for this time (again) and
Me: Let's pick a different movie!
Michael: NOOOO!
Me: (going to the DVD cabinet and pulling out Horton) How 'bout this one?
Michael: umm, no.
Me: (pulling out Flushed Away) How 'bout this one?
Michael: no.
Me: (pulling out The Letter Factory) How 'bout this one?
Michael: That would be perfect!

(This one happened with daddy) The two of them were watching the golf tournament on TV the other day.
Michael: Daddy, is Tiger Woods playing on TV?
Daddy: He played on TV, but he's all done now.
Michael: Can I play golf on TV?
Daddy: If you practice a lot, then you can play golf on TV!
Of course, daddy was pretty excited that he wants to play golf on TV!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ockey Family Reunion 2009

We just got back a couple hours ago from our camping trip. We left about 2 pm Thursday and got in around 5, set up camp and headed to find some food. (Ryan & Amanda weren't coming till later and my parents came the next day, so we didn't worry about dinner that night.) We went to Andersen's Pea Soup. I had been to the one near Clovis before, but it's been a long time. The food was pretty good, however, I wanted to try their famous pea soup. It was decent and I gave the kids a bite, also, but they didn't like it. Just after we finished, I look at Michael and he has "the look". I rush him to the bathroom only to find that he didn't make it. I sat him on the toilet, threw his underwear away (didn't want to mess with packing THAT around all weekend), got him dressed w/o underwear and as I'm washing my hands he says "Mommy, I'm pooping!" Sure enough, there it was! I'll spare you details, but it wasn't clean! I had to get Ron's somehow to have him look in the gift shop for something to wear. When I poked my head out the door, there was a table of cops right there and one of them stood by the door so I could let Ron know what was going on. He went to the gift shop and came back with a large sweatshirt and had gone to the car and got Emma's diapers. When he brought me the stuff, he gave me Emma who had also had some issues! Of course there was NO changing table, so I laid out some paper towels on the ground and changed her there. I had some issues later, so I'm guessing that the pea soup was NOT the best choice! I guess I have once again been christened as a parent! The next day we cooked up a yummy campfood breakfast and checked out the beach that was near by. We didn't swim, just looked around. After that, we headed down toward Santa Barbara and stopped at Kmart for a couple of things, fed the kiddos, had to go get more underwear and shorts for Michael since he had another accident (pee this time) and finally got on the road to Santa Barbara. We met up with my parents there, had some lunch, walked around a little, then headed back to camp. We cooked up more yummy food (hamburgers, hot dogs & brauts) and sat and chatted with our other family members. Later, we made s'mores (of course! what would camping be without s'mores?!). Yesterday was a lazy day of hanging out, talking with family, we did go to the beach and the kids had fun playing in the ocean (mostly running away from the waves) and getting sunburned! Nothing too serious, but we're all a little pink! That night was a chili cookoff. My mom didn't win, but hers was pretty good! We ended our trip this morning, packed up and headed out to be home in time for Ron to go to work. The kids did pretty good. Emma had a hard time falling asleep at night and would cry for awhile, the air matress was not comfortable, and we missed out on some other family members we would've liked to have seen, but all in all it was a great trip! I hope Ron didn't have too awful of a time and that we can do it again sometime, but not until Emma's a little older so that we don't have to deal with a crying sleepy baby! I'll post pictures when I download them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Camping We Will Go!

We're heading out tomorrow to my family reunion camp extravaganza at the beach. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been camping in a long time! I'm curious how it's going to go because the kids have never been and Ron's not a big fan, so we'll see! Michael's excited and keeps telling everyone that he's going "tenting". Weirdo!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Details

We started the morning off with just a family breakfast (just the four of us) and just hanging out at the house before Ron went to work. After the kids got up from their nap, we headed to my parents house to get ready for the bbq. After some last minute shopping, we bbq'd the traditional hamburgers & hot dogs, had maccaroni salad, fruit, etc. Then the kids got in their swim suits & went swimming. They had a blast! Ryan and Amanda had taken the kids to a friends house earlier and even though they put sunscreen on, they all got burned pretty bad! Poor little Aaron's turned into some monsterous blisters! But, he didn't seem to mind! After swimming, Amanda gave all the kids a bath & in their jammies and it was time for homemade ice cream! We had strawberry and chocolate and both were excellent! Next were fireworks! The kids did pretty good. Mine got scared a few times and Michael took off running toward the house, but as long as he was sitting on someone's lap, he was okay. They started with sparklers, and the only incident was Emma tried to grab the flame which resulted in a blister (I was trying to take a picture of her holding it, but she kept trying to touch it, so I was holding the sparkler and her hand, but she reached around with the other hand and grabbed it! That was the end of her sparkler time! After fireworks it was time for bed! Ron ended up working a double, so I was pretty nerve wracked since people were still lighting fireworks late, but I made it! It was a great day and a great way to celebrate our freedoms! Thank you to those who have and are serving our country! We appreciate your sacrifices to protect this nation! Thank You!

Our 4th of July

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Elliptical Machine For Sale

Since Ron and I joined the gym, I have no use for this. I've got it up on Craigs List, but if anyone wants it, let me know. We're asking $700.00. We bought it the beginning of last year and it's been used a few times. When we bought it, one of the legs was messed up, so the company sent us a whole bunch of extra parts, so those come with it, along with the protective mat. It also folds up so that it's more compact. Let me know if you're interested!