Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back to School 2012!!

Michael and Emma started school August 20, 2012. Michael Started First Grade, and Emma started Pre-Kindergarten. She was supposed to start Kinder this year, but CA is in the process of changing the cutoff age. For the 2012-13 school year the date is November 1, 2013-14 will be October 1, 2014-15 will be September 1 and that's where it will stay. Since her birthday is November 25th, she missed the cutoff! I was upset because she's so much taller than a lot of kids her age, but CA designed this Pre-K program that is offered at her school so I took advantage. She is loving it, and is doing quite well! I just hope she doesn't get bored when she gets into Kindergarten next year!
Michael had a rough start at the beginning of the year. He and his teacher clash, and frankly we clash with her, too! I'm not too thrilled with her and the way she handles the class, but he has been doing much better and we are just hoping we can get through this year and move on to better things in 2nd grade next year!

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