Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meldrum Wedding

Shortly after returning home from our WA wedding trip, it was time to turn around and head back up north to Auburn, CA for my cousin, Laura's, wedding! It was a quick trip that I almost didn't go on! The morning we were supposed to go I went in to work feeling kinda sick. after a couple hours I started getting worse and it was almost unbearable! I knew it was a UTI and had called my doctor to try to get in, but no luck! Thank goodness they were sympathetic enough to send in a prescription for me! My boss sent me home, so Ron came to pick me up (since the plan was he was supposed to pick me up so we could leave after work). I went home and fell asleep. Little by little I started feeling better and was able to suck it up and make the trip! It was a beautiful ceremony with a beautiful couple! The reception was very casual, but elegant! It was on a beautiful lot with lakes, barns, badmitten and other games. They had blankets to have a picnic on, a dj, the food was delicious with sliders, salads, fruit and HOMEMADE ice cream!!! SO good! We headed home Sunday night and Monday morning was the kids' first day of school!

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